There we were, once again, searching the streets of New York for a homemade, high-quality, affordable baked sweet treat. The kind we loved, craved-and made-as kids. But try though
we might, we couldn't find it. The inconceivable reality
struck-it just wasn't there.

Until now.

Jay+Dan was created to bring back an era in baking in
which ingredients were never compromised, goods were
made to order-never frozen, or preserved-and the price
was always fair.

And for us, Jay+Dan is more than a business. It’s even
more than a dream come true. It's a calling. Something we were literally born to do. And, as it happens, something our customers have been waiting for all along.

We hope you enjoy what you see on our site. And as always, we wish you peace, love and Freshly Baked Bliss™.