Jayson Salomon was born to bake. Raised in Brooklyn, Jayson's parents immigrated from Panama, where his father was a Baker and his mother, a multi-faceted Career woman.

Summers for Jayson were spent in Panama picking
mangos and practicing recipes taught to him by his Aunts
and Grandmother Ambrozine, all of whom were gifted
Bakers and Cake Decorators.

Jayson remembers helping his Aunts make five-tier
wedding cakes, which they'd decorate in his Grandmother's livingroom. Some days, the room was filled end to end
with cakes and baked goods of every kind.

Back in New York, Jayson developed his artistic interests
by attending The High School of Art and Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology. Today, he enjoys a highly successful career as a Graphic Designer and Art Director
in New York City.

Jayson combines his incredible design talent with a lifetime
of baking. The result? He’s turned what was once a craft into nothing short of an art–one that’s fueled by generations of skill, dedication and most importantly, a grandmother’s love.


As the favorite (and only) son of a Caterer mother and Physician father, Dan Weltner had entertaining down to a science. At sixteen, this Columbus, Ohio native assisted his mother, Elizabeth in planning and catering some of the
area’s grandest events.

When Dan went away to Miami University, where he studied Theater and Dance, he spent his summers back with Elizabeth in pursuit of the perfect party. And with the exception of one head waiter who ended up with 30 flaming cherries jubilee on his lap (Dan’s grip wasn’t as strong as his dance step) a wonderful time was had by all.

After college, Dan pursued his other passion and moved to Chicago where he taught and performed dance. In 1989, he was invited to join a professional modern dance company in New York–started touring the world–and never looked back.

Today, Dan pursues his vocation in film and follows his heart. He teaches dance–and movement for actors at the acclaimed Tisch Drama Department at NYU.

And during every other hour of the day, he’s with his partner, Jayson creating awe-inspiring baked goods and proving to each and every customer who comes his way–that Dan Weltner really does have entertaining down to a science.